lesbian muslims

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  • 8 Queer Muslim Women on the Power of ‘The Bold Type’

    [Image description: 2 men are standing amongst other people in what seems like an LGBT+ Pride event. The gentleman on the left, who looks like he is in his 60s and has gray hair and a beard, is holding a large Pride rainbow flag with a white Jewish Star in the center.

    I am a lesbian girl who is Muslim. I want to keep everyone

    lesbian muslims

    Hate is a pretty weak word. Here are a few of Muhammad’s hadiths: “Narrated By Abdullah ibn Abbas : The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: If you find anyone doing as Lot's people did, kill the one who does it, and the one to whom it is done.”

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    Unfortunately that seems like a pipe dream. Saudi wahabism has taken over and Muslims are going back instead of forwards. Homophobic Muslims are on the wrong side of history though and they won't be able to stop people from being gay no matter how hard they try. Gay Muslims have always existed. And thank you for being respectful.

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    Furthermore, in Kugle's reading, the Qur'an "implies that some people are different in their sexual desires than others." Thus, homosexuality can be seen as part of the "natural diversity in sexuality in human societies." This is the way "gay and lesbian Muslims" view their homosexuality.

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    lesbian muslims

    I think you are very kind.You want to everyone happy.As a young chinese lesbian,I need to hide a lot of things in my life,just like you.I can understand part of your pain.

    LGBT in Islam - Wikipedia

    Alice, 20, Slovakia, lesbian. Many times Muslims are still portrayed as terrorists and villains in the media. If that’s not the case, they’re more likely given the same characteristics: most likely a man, heterosexual, working in either medical fields or the exact opposite — they’re portrayed as uneducated or barbaric without any feelings.

    What is life like for gay Muslim women? – Channel 4 News

    From one woman who feels she does not fit in anywhere, to another attacked by her own family for her sexuality, Cordelia Lynch hears about the prejudices faced by lesbian Muslim women in the UK.

    Reacting to Lesbian Muslim Woman in TV Show - YouTube

    THE QURAN AND LESBIANISM. AN OPEN CHALLENGE TO OSAMA ABDALLAH. Sam Shamoun. Some readers may wonder why we even bother to discuss the question of whether or not the Quran condemns lesbian acts. The relevancy of the issue goes beyond merely responding to one misguided attack on us by Osama Abdallah.

    'It is possible to be Muslim and a lesbian' - BBC News

    My Journey As A Lesbian Muslim This author of this story wishes to remain anonymous, but also to inspire and empower others in similar situations and show them the results of one such journey. The image(s) used in this post is/are stock.

    The Quran and Lesbianism : An Open Challenge to Osama Abdallah

    A majority of American Muslims accept lesbian, gay and bisexual people as part of society, according to new findings from Pew Research Center, marking a dramatic shift in attitudes over the past decade.

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